Business Hours

Business Hours


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If you need to reach us regarding any appointments or have any questions we currently do NOT accept phone calls and we are TEXT ONLY! We will respond during business hours.

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We accept Cash, Card, and Zelle only! If you bring cash please bring exact change!

There are No kids allowed in the lobby unsupervised. We are not responsible or liable for them while you're in service. If you must bring your children, they must be accompanied by an adult in the lobby, otherwise we will not be able to service you

Kids are not allowed in the treatments room.

*We or any other staff are not responsible to look after them* 

When you arrive feel free to grab a water, snack, or use the restroom and have a seat until our wax specialists come get you!


Pregnant & Periods

The answer is Yes! You can absolutely get waxed while you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle.

Do keep in mind your sensitivity is heightened a tad bit more so here are some tips for you to help continue making your waxes go as smooth as your skin will be! 


  • Take a warm shower before your appointment to help loosen up your skin and hairs
  • Take a Tylenol 20 minutes before your appointment to minimize discomfort
  • Drink your water and Moisturize! This maintains your skin supple and hydrated, preventing your skin from being dry, irritated, or possibly lifting 


  • Avoid drinking coffee/alcohol at least 24 hours before your service
  • Take an ibuprofen 20 min before your appointment to minimize discomfort
  • Take a warm bath/shower before your service

Be sure to wear a tampon or menstrual cup during your service!

Take calm steady breaths during your appointment, it'll be just as quick as any other wax appointment! Just grab a snack before you lay down, lets chit chat for a little and you'll be smooth and ready before you know it!

We do everything we can to ensure your comfort and send you home with smooth results!

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Late Policy

We have a 5 minute grace period from when your appointment time starts. Please communicate with us if you are running behind so we can do our best to work with you.

If you are past the 5 minute grace period and we cannot accommodate you then you will be marked as a no show and will re subjected to a fee for your appointment time that was blocked.

However if you have multiple services book, we might still be able to get you in for 1 but you will be subjected to pay for the full booked service amount as the time frame was still taken up.

Cancellation/Rescheduling policy

You are required to pay 30% deposit of service upon booking. This deposit is refundable if rescheduled or cancelled before the 40 hours notice from your appointment time. Failure to do so in that time frame means you are subject to a "Last Minute" Fee in which you will not get your deposit back. You will have to put another deposit down when rebooking that appointment.

*If a deposit was not put down and there is a cancellation under the 40 hours notice you will be required to pay a 30% service fee before rescheduling

If you cancel/reschedule your appointment with less than 2 hours notice of your appointment time, you will be charged 80% of the service

Your 30% deposit will go towards your service total the day of your appointment.

If you miss your appointment entirely, you will be subjected to a "No call No show" Fee of 100% of the service. We understand that things can happen unexpectedly, so please communicate with us and send a text to keep us in the loop, we always try our best to work with you!

Waxing on your Cycle

YES! You can absolutely still get waxed while you are on your period. As long as you wear a tampon or a menstrual cup during your service, everything else proceeds like normal!

If you do not feel comfortable, we understand however, if you are cancelling or rescheduling within that 40 hour window it will be considered "Last Minute" and you will lose your deposit.


If any fees or invoices do not go through or are not paid, you will be blocked from booking until they are paid. 


There is a restroom located when you walk in the building in the very back. If you need to use the restroom please do so before your 5 minute grace period to avoid any late fees.


You may book your appointment with us 24/7 on our website by clicking the "Book Now" tab. We also recommend downloading the Vagaro app when making future appointments with us in order for extra flexibility to access your past, current, and future appointments.

You will receive 2 total reminders before your appointment to give you a chance to confirm, cancel, or reschedule your appointment.

Don't see an available time and day available that you want? You can always add yourself to the waitlist for a specific day and time frame and you will be immediately notified as soon as there is an opening for that window! You may add yourself to the waitlist as many times as you need too!